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09:30am 19/01/2005
  i guess this community's kinda dead, but i just wanted to say that i haven't owned a television for a year. mine was pretty much broken, (and i didn't have cable anyway so i only got like 3 clear channels) before i left the country and when i came back i just didn't feel the need to buy one. it's easy, if the thing isn't in your house. my boyfriend and i live together, we just talk more and do other stuff. one thing we like to do is read books aloud to each other. we're trying to get through all the harry potters (i've read them all, he hasn't read any prior to this, we're on book 3) before the new one comes out on july 16. so that's something to do. it's kind of pointless to go completely without. for instance, what would you do if you went to a friend's house and they had it on? freak out? that would just be kind of obsessive. my boyfriend goes to a friend's house, or to my friend's bar, every sunday to watch the simpsons at 6. it's like an event, and it's much more social than sitting your ass on the couch and watching it. during the presidential debates and election, etc, we went to a nearby bar and ate raw oysters and drank beer and watched the monstrosity on their tv. but i have to say i don't miss it. i love living without it. especially since i read something that said your brain is more active when you're staring at a blank wall than when you're staring at the glass teat (tv). also i don't own/play video games. i'm glad my mom didn't ever allow that in the house because now i'd probably be addicted to that, just like i was, at one point, addicted to tv.  

and Drop Out

03:42pm 07/11/2004
  I've gone weeks before without watching TV, not really thinking about it because there's never anything good to watch, anyways. Eventually, though, I end up watching garbage because I need something mindless to make me stop thinking and I give in...now I have decided to make an active effort to give it up. Do something constructive with my life...read a book, call an old friend, actually talk to someone. We'll see how this goes. :\  

Turn On Tune In and Drop Out

05:16am 30/10/2004
mood: chipper
We just put our TV into storage. Things just got to standstill.. I realised that I have no self-control when it comes to turning the damned thing off.

Check out tthe kill your tv website

I know, I know.. fear mongering.. but it worked ;)

Turn On Tune In and Drop Out